Marketing Mentoring


Within a small business someone in-house often gets marketing assigned to them, even though they may have very little marketing experience. Sometimes someone gets promoted from within the business and becomes a marketing manager without the formal training required to carry out the role effectively or the business owner likes to be in control of everything to do with their business, which includes marketing.

If marketing is a discipline you want to keep in-house, but you know you are lacking some of the marketing knowledge or skills required to fully maximise its effectiveness then we offer ongoing marketing mentoring services.

We can also assist in the recruitment of a marketing person and help develop their marketing skills through our mentoring if that is your preferred option.

Marketing ConsultING

If you are a new business, or an established business who is looking to launch a new product, service or perhaps enter a new market, our marketing consultation is the perfect way to road test your plan from a marketing perspective. In a two hour consultation we will probe every aspect of your plans to ensure that you aren’t about to waste marketing resource on something which isn't going to work or that has some aspects that need revising.

Marketing Health Check Workshop


Many SME’s invest in marketing activities at a very early stage, but skip the all important marketing strategy process, which means there is inevitably often poorly conceived marketing campaigns or activities that are not effective enough, or that waste money.  Our Marketing Health Check is a three hour audit which looks at every element of marketing within your business, including an evaluation of whether you have got the fundamentals right.

We will review your current marketing activity against marketing best practice over a three hour workshop and then produce a Marketing Health Check report for you.


As we have no vested interest in trying to promote any other services, our recommendations are impartial and are based upon what is going to maximise your marketing success and generate the best return on investment (ROI). Our advice contained within the report includes marketing recommendations and actionable marketing ideas which you can apply to your business to instantly improve the ROI from your current marketing activities. We believe for any organisation our Health Check is immensely valuable, worthwhile and a real time saver.

Accelerate Marketing Plan Workshop


In order for any business to maximise its sales performance and success it needs to work from a clear marketing strategy.  However many businesses do not want to go through the long process of developing an in-depth marketing strategy, which is why we have developed an Accelerate Marketing Plan. This is designed to provide business owners with an actionable plan that they can start to implement within 2-4 weeks and rapidly generate results.

Our Accelerate Marketing Plan is a detailed process where we will visit you for a full day’s one-to-one marketing consultation workshop. This bespoke service means that we can fully understand your business, your marketplace and who your competitors are whilst weighing up the effectiveness of previous marketing plans, campaigns and activities. After the initial consultation we will produce a detailed marketing plan within 15 working days which includes details on:


  • How your offering(s) should be segmented

  • What your targets market(s) should be

  • How you should be competitively positioned

  • Clarity over your brand values and outlining what your key messaging should be

Once completed we can advise on the right mix of marketing activity to support your business objectives and support you with implementing the agreed recommendations to help you achieve your growth targets and maximise the ROI.


Marketing Implementation  

SME businesses can fall into the trap of spending precious time and money in a marketing plan which gets overtaken by other activities and never gets implemented. However we prefer to stick around to ensure that our recommendations are realised, so that you get the highest possible return from your investment and we perhaps become your long term outsourced marketing department.

Cotsmill Marketing offer a range of ongoing marketing implementation and support packages which can be tailored to suit your requirements. These range from a flexible resource at the end of the phone (remote) to a fully outsourced marketing support function (remote or on-site).

Virtual Marketing department

An always-on resource - perhaps one or more days a week or month - ideal for smaller businesses or start-ups with limited resource who want dedicated joined-up marketing. We can support your business in line with your requirements, perhaps one or two days a week, fortnight or month. Total flexibility when you need it most.


We'd love to work with you! As well as these packages we can work on any of the areas outlined on our services page on a project basis. Don't hesitate to contact us with any marketing related queries you might have.