Customer First Marketing

What do we mean about Customer First Marketing? It's an ethos to everything we do. It's not only about putting the customer first but using them in your marketing.

With your customers permission, its about interviewing them, formulating case studies, obtaining a positive quote, videoing them on how your products or solutions help them with their business and using this content to market your own business. After all there is nothing better than having your customers extolling your virtues for you. Prospective customers are far more likely to take you seriously that you can provide what they need. It helps take away the risk when purchasing from a new company, especially when its services rather than product they are buying.

In turn, your customer will feel valued by your company, increasing their satisfaction in being your customer. Now that they have an emotional stake in your company. They cease seeing your company as a brand and start seeing it as an entity that deeply cares about them, intensifying their brand loyalty and heightening the chance that they’ll spread good news about your company.

And when your customers are happy, the payout can be huge. 


PR Stories (single or joint with customer)

Website quotes

Collateral such as brochures and sales flyers

Case studies

Advertising quotes

Event speakers

Video for your website, YouTube channel, online content seeding, use at events such as conferences and seminars